Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dear Change Shmange,

Below you will find pictures of Ash Bash's wedding shower.  I think the whole entire time I was having anxiety because I am just so thrown off by all this growing up that's going on around me.  I mean really... my friends are old enough to get married now, boys who are actually MY age are coming home from their missions, and I am trying to brainstorm ways to earn money so I am not completely dirt poor one day (key words: one day) when I'm married.  Not okay.  

Anyway, I went home that night (this past Thursday) and started reading through some journal entries from this summer.  I came across one that really made me think.  This is what I wrote:

The older I get, the more I realize that you have to stop looking back on the yesterdays.  The past is done and gone and the future is bound to come, no matter how hard we try to push it away.  And just as one chapter closes, another one opens and because of the lessons we've learned before, we are more prepared to meet the days ahead of us. (8.22.08)

Hm.  I guess I learned a little lesson from myself that night.  Change really isn't so bad, and even if it is... tough luck.  Deal with it.  There are plenty of great things to come, and not only that... there are plenty of great things happening now, TODAY!  

As Mika so wisely sings, "Everybody's gonna love today, love today, love today.  Everybody's gonna love today any way you want to.. any way you've got to."  Mmhmm.  Thanks Mika.

and p.s. are going to be the cutest little bride ever! 

Dear Tender Mercies,

'...the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance.' -Nephi 1:20

I am always so surprised when I actually open my eyes and try to observe things around me, at how many wonderful blessings I have in my life.  Just this past week I went to Ash's wedding shower.  Her soon to be grandmother-in-law was best friends with my Grandma Sally when they were both raising their kids in Colorado.  My grandma passed away when I was going into second grade and I really can't remember a whole lot about her.  It was such a cool experience to meet someone who was so close to her.  She told me all about my grandma and the person she was.  She said that it didn't matter where my grandma went, she always fit in because she was so friendly and loving toward everyone.  It was definitely a tearful conversation for both of us but I felt so blessed to have been able to meet Anna.  Nothing awful is happening in my life, but it was just a testimony to me that the Lord knows who I am, that He's aware of me, and that He loves me.  I know my Grandma Sally was watching and smiling as two people she loved were finally able to meet.

This is Anna and I: 

The last two weeks of school have been crazy ones to say the least.  Last week I got a Christmas package in the mail from JD.  He is such a wonderful example to me of someone who truly loves the Gospel and his fellowmen.  I love hearing from him and having reminders that he's still alive and well :) 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So I am currently sitting in my Statistics class.  The Professor asked for someone to give an opening prayer.  In this prayer, some boy decides to thank Heavenly Father for "Barack Obama and the changes he plans to make."  


You can bet I opened my eyes, my jaw dropped, and I looked at Dani and said, "Oh my gosh."  

Then following the prayer, some girls behind me say..."Did you know Obama smokes?"  Then I said "Did you know Obama wants to kill babies?  Reminds me of a man named Herod..."  

Yeah.  Yeah.  I'm mad.  These dumb liberals here at BYU feel like since they're in such a minority (wah wah wah... welcome to life -- I'm a minority in practically everything I believe) they need to profess their political views in everything... even their PRAYERS.  

For goodness sake.  

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dear Life,

Today I use my blog title as the heading for this entry.
After my class this evening, my distaste (for lack of a better word or rather for some sense of professionalism), for Barack Obama has only escalated. I have strayed as much as possible to keep this blog from becoming political, although I'm sure it's no surprise where I stand. I think I have had few moments in my life where I have been as disgusted, distrubed, and shooken up as I currently feel.
As we discussed abortion tonight and the ways that laws and regulations have been altered over the years, I was read a quote from Obama himself, announcing that his first task once in office, will be to remove ALL abortion restrictions that currently exist. One of these restrictions was passed in 2003 which declared that Partial Birth Abortion would be outlawed.
Once Obama signs for this to go to Congress (which thanks to the overflow of Democrats will pass) ALL RESTRICTIONS INCLUDING PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION will be removed.
For those of you who do not know what a partial birth abortion actually entails, I will spare you the details. Wikipedia it or send me an email if you feel so inclined. However, I will not be broadcasting such an awful procedure on my blog.
I am disturbed. I don't know a better way to put it. I don't agree with basically anything Obama has to say... but I had been so focused on his views of socialism and "change" I didn't seem to realize how much change I really could believe in. Oh he's changing this country, alright.
So yes, this blog is written to life. Written for all the precious lives that will be lost because of a so called choice that our soon to be President will not only allow, but feels so strongly about it that it's the first change he plans to make. This 'choice' is not whether you want the child or not. Rather the choice takes place long before the moment of conception even occurs. The choice is whether you will engage in sexual intercourse or not.
I feel so sick inside for the way this world is becoming.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Dear Airport Bathrooms,

Of course.  Why should I be able to maneuver my body (and think to myself... have my love handles really become this wide?), back pack, carry-on, and winter coat into one stall?  That would just be plain silly.

You're right.  It's not even really that necessary for the thin layer of plastic wrap on the seat to actually switch with each individual use.  And it's definitely not a big deal that I get splashed by your infested water as your automated toilet tends to flush on a 12 second basis.

My favorite however, certainly has to be how the automated sink squirts out a thin stream of water for a good 1.2 seconds so I can wave my hands like a darn fool in front of the sensor in attempt to wash off the rest of pin sized drop of soap your dispenser so generously gave.

What happened to the days when I use to be able to control when I wanted the toilet to flush, the temperature of the water and length of time it would run, or even the amount of soap I could wash my hands with?  Psh.  Technology...

Airport bathrooms... you really give me a chuckle.

(But hey, I didn't even have the option of flushing a toilet in Peru after 10pm... so I guess I won't complain that all I need to do is remove my rear and you'll do the rest).

Friday, January 2, 2009

Dear University of Utah,

You were the first college to accept my application.  You were the first University to give me hope that I would actually attend college, in fact.  

And tonight, you gave me hope yet again.  
Only this time, it was a different kind of hope.  It was a hope that the underdogs do in fact stand a chance against the big guys.  In turn, reinforcing my hopes for a big win on Monday evening as The Ohio State University Buckeyes take on the Texas Longhorns.         

Sure I have PLENTY of -- borderline obsessive -- Buckeye pride, but I can't help but be nervous considering our history with these last few years of bowl games.  To add to my jitters, it's been reported that both Boeckman and Pryor will be rotating in and out.  Make me lose sleep a little more Tressel.  Come on.  

Regardless of the outcome, I know Tuesday morning I will wake up still proud to be a Buckeye.  My pal in AZ says the Buckeye fans are already packing the state with stickers and signs covering their vehicles... we are awesome. 

 But hey, the Utes really gave me some hope tonight.  Let's just hope my Bucks feel the same way.  So Longhorns... move over because Tressel and his boys just came into town.  

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dear Dick Clark,

The best part about ringing in the new year for 2009 is knowing that this year I'll get to say JD gets home "THIS July" instead of "next July" ...or worse, "not this upcoming July, but the one after it."  

Is that pathetic or what?  Regardless, I don't care.  My best friend is not only coming home, but gets to meet all my girl best friends!  I get to talk about life, the gospel, and what I've been up to not just to a recorder, but face to face!  WOW.  2009 is finally here.  Unbelievable.  

So, even though I'm not New Years Eve's biggest fan, this one was fabulous because not only did I sit at home with my parents watching Prison Break (episodes I have already seen, mind you), scratch little Blizzard's furry back and remind him he's "such a good dog" nearly 73 times, drive all over town looking for somewhere to eat at 10:30 at night and finally settling for Arby's, watch Matthew (something or other) in Las Vegas perform a life threatening jump on his motor bike (although that was certainly a sight to behold), and sprint down to the basement with my parents just in time to count down for a good 10 seconds until the ball dropped, BUT I also get the satisfaction of knowing my best friend will be home in 7 months more or less.  

So, Dick Clark... thanks for making this year special.  A night with the rents all to myself and some sweet highschooler's taking over my basement is just what I hoped for.  

Happy New Years 2009, all. on to creating my resolutions.  I'll post shortly.