Friday, November 21, 2008

Dear Goals,

You're nice.  You give me something to work for.  I've taught a few lessons on you here and there.
I make a nice fatty list of you every single day, hour to hour.  

This Thanksgiving break, my goals will not consist of anything academic.  They won't (although they should) consist of trying to drop my 10 lbs that I still have yet to lose.  They won't consist of me studying up on my Spanish.  In fact, they won't even consist of much of anything that would be considered productive.  

HOWEVER, after contemplating long and hard about what I wanted to achieve this break, I could only come to one real logical conclusion.  

so, here it is... (hey it's just a thought unless you write it down, right?)

My goal this Thanksgiving Break is to learn Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' dance from her music video.  

Shallow?  Maybe.  Ridiculous?  Okay, fine.  
Have I been a slave to school lately?  YES.  
Thus, I will do whatever I darn well please this break.  And if I want to spend some time with Beyonce, I will do just that. 


(p.s. I am blogging from the Denver airport.  Layovers are just spectacular, aren't they?  Thank you free wi-fi). 

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dear Elder,

Eh hem... I mean, Sister!  (Elder sounded there's that amazing website that kept JD happy in the MTC with plenty of letters).   Yep!  My roommate Maeg left on her mission yesterday.  She's going to be such an amazing sister missionary... and I still get to see her on Monday's in the TRC for a couple weeks at least!  She will be serving in the Temple Square Mission and she will so great!

Those poor 19 year olds... Maeg is such a hottie! 

p.s. check out Maeg's mission blog that Dani will be updating: 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dear I love leaving Provo,

...even if it only is for one weekend.

Can you guess where I went??? 

Rainbows in November?!  ...Unheard of.

More details to come... 

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dear Fall Ball,

As promised, the roommate photo shoot pictures are here!

Since Maeg left to go home before the MTC and Natalie moved in, we had to have some pictures with all of us so we had a nice little photo shoot a few Sunday's ago with Landon as our photographer.  Let's just say I really love my roommates/best friends.  

happy fall, all.  

Dear Buckeye State,

You make me the happiest ever.

Yes, it's true! I went home Halloween weekend to vote!  I know, I know... "haven't you ever heard of an absentee ballot?!"  Yeah, well... we didn't exactly get that in time so Padre took it into his own hands and since Ohio is such a huge swing state, I jumped on a plane Friday morning and got to stay until Monday night.  It was such a good weekend visiting the family and getting to vote in my first Presidential election.  I love my family so much and I was so grateful for the time I got to spend.  It made me even more excited to go home in two weeks for Thanksgiving break! 
Mamacita and myself:

Some of the greatest people I know:

Blizzard dog! 

America.  I love this country!

Families are forever... and I couldn't be more happy with mine! :)