Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blast from the past

So two of my roomates and I were driving past Helaman Halls (where we lived last year) and decided it would be fun to take a nice little trip down memory lane. While we were there, we snapped a few pictures.

First: A nice little remake of a picture I have of J
2nd: David John Hall itself!
3rd: This vent thing that JD used to crawl down into a scare people... until they bolted it down!
4th: My freshman 15 in one photo
5th: The doorway that all the nasty couples would do their thang at... Being the anti-PDA'ers that we were, I think JD and I may have been one of the only couples that didn't use that doorway for that purpose.

Provo Pictures!

Welcome to Provo

Well, it's been over a month since I've updated this guy... and I thought I probably should get on that since I always give Jenna a hard time :) I've been back in Provo since August 20th and it's...well, Utah. Really though, it's nice to be back and it's weird to find myself calling this place 'home.' It's weird to not have my best pal here with me enjoying the Provo scene, but give it about 22 more months ;) I've met a lot of awesome people since I've been here and been doing my best to live it up.

I discovered a gelato cafe here in Provo! It just opened 2 months ago, and it's probably best that it wasn't around freshman year to contribute to my thighs! It is DELICIOUS...and I've been to my fair share of gelato cafes... this one definitely tops them all. There's actually a picture in the slideshow with my roomates and I leaving the gelato cafe with our take-out pints! Don't worry guys... I've been making frequent visits to the gym!

Things in the apartment are just swell and it is finally starting to get that 'home-ish' feel. I LOVE my room and I will be posting pictures of our place as soon as everything is settled in. Along with moving into my first apartment, I've also experienced a few other "firsts" -- one of which was my first real cooking experience away from home. Honestly... you would've all been completely shocked! It was DELICIOUS! We took plenty of pictures so that I could have some proof for JD! I have a feeling I'm going to be the next Martha ;)

Classes are going well... so far. However, I will say they are starting to become much more difficult but I just keep trying to remind myself that my GE's will be over SOON! Really though, everything is just the same old, same old. The only out of the ordinary thing that's happened lately is that Pres. Hinckley came for devotional on Tuesday (there are also a few pictures of that as well). Not too many exciting things have happened other than that though that I can think of at the moment. For now, enjoy my pictures! :)