Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dear A.D.D.

Once a week I am convinced that I have you.  

GENERALLY, this thought comes between
 5 o'clock to 7:30pm every Tuesday evening.  
This 2 and 1/2 hour period happens to be during my 
Strengthening Marriage and Family class.

I never check my email every 2 minutes.
I never sign on and off of facebook 12 times within 5 minutes.
I never am SO bored I can barely sit still.

A.D.D., I have you... once a week from 5-7:30pm.  
I can't wait until 2 weeks from now when you go away FOREVER. 

Wishing you were GONE,

Friday, March 20, 2009

Dear girl with the blaring music,

You're just another one of them.

...another crazy coug that keeps me entertained daily.

I have to admit, I love these types of cougs.  They keep me alive and well.  Really though.  There is no sarcasm involved in that statement.  It's straight from the heart. 

So I'm sitting in the Wilk with some chummies getting ready to watch March Madness when all of a sudden, Gwen Stefani is singing so loud you'd swear it was a live performance.  That's when I was reminded that Gwen would doubtfully be performing in the Wilkinson's Center.  So naturally, I look around for the source of the noise and see some precious little freshman who APPARENTLY left her headphones in her dorm room.  

I feel for her.  I really do.  I know how painful it can be when you're really craving a tune & you just can't listen to it.  BUT, that's the difference between this chickadee and myself.  I control my urge and suck it up... then when I get home I turn on my iHome to the highest setting and sing at the top of my lungs (which I am POSITIVE my roommates LOVE).  This girl however, couldn't wait to jam to her "sweet escape."  

OBVIOUSLY she was just screaming for someone to sing along with her about refrigerators and sour milk... or so I thought.  I accepted her invitation and began to sing...rather loudly --- but only because I had to compete with Gwen.  I guess I misread her invite because she immediately turned around and gave me the stink eye.  

Oh well.  Her music is now turned down 
so luckily no one else will make the same mistake I did.  

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dear men in my life,

You are far and few between.

KIDDING.  (Men obviously adore me)

Really this post is simply for Aust & Dad 
because I couldn't bare to leave them out of the last one.  
And besides, they both deserve some recognition this week.

First of all, Austin is SO cute.  
Since Lexi and Mom are gone during my Dad's birthday, Austin took it upon himself to make a cake for pops.  SO precious.  I can't even tell you how great I think that boy is. 

Second of all, my dad ROCKS! 
Really though, my dad is one of a kind.  A lot of people probably wish they had as cool of a dad as I do.  No big deal, I'm not judging.  I'd be jealous too.
Here's to Padre!  Happy 45 years of birth! 

...And he even threw a little party for him.  SUCH a gem.

OH!  And I know Blizzard would be so broken-hearted if he knew I didn't include him as one of the men in my life.  Let's be honest... Blizz is right up there with those two.
How could you not love that little face?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dear Provo,

You have a tendency to be cool... sometimes.  
I'll be the first to say I actually enjoy throwing 
out the Provo slams every once in a while,
BUT when it comes down to it, this place isn't so bad 
& I really wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

EXCEPT for weeks like these.

Why do I have a picture of New York City? 
Eh, only because my sister is there taking a break from school with her show choir group, SHOPPING, eating at fabulous restaurants, seeing Broadway shows, watching crazy people perform in the subways, getting sweet deals on legit knock-offs, & watching the Today Show from outside.  

Now you're really confused... What does NYC have to do with Oahu, Hawaii?
...Just the fact that my mom is there at BYU-H teaching some seminars on business because she is that much of a genius.  Yes, ladies and gents...my mom is an all-star power woman.
That's beside the point though.  Karen is chilling on beaches of Oahu.  
Enough said. 

So Provo, you're not so bad.
EXCEPT for weeks like this.  NYC and Oahu take you by storm.
But hey, life could be worse.
I could go to school in Wyoming and stare at windmills all day.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dear Dani 2,

21 years ago on this very day, that innocent looking brunette was born:

Pretty soon, she grew up and was not so innocent anymore.  
Instead she was wild!  She got in a fight at her rival HS football game.
BUT, she also did things with her life.
She was a working woman at BYU's campus from 8am-12pm every day.
She became an Elementary Education Major because she loves kids more than anyone.
She traveled to Peru and helped little chicos for two months.
She also got locked out of the house there...daily.

She did more than that though.
One of the best things she did was make people happy.
She made her friends laugh & smile every single day with her funny dances
and cool brown robe and sweatpants.

We were practically mission companions we were together so much.
And pretty soon, she became one of my very best friends!!

She did lots more totally radical, tubular, sweet stuff in her 21 years of life,
and she's going to do even more!  
Look out for her people... she's moving mountains!

So Sister Stolworthy... I love you!  I hope you have the best birthday ever!!