Friday, November 27, 2009

Dear Lovely Thought,

The Blind Side = Incredible

I am definitely not a movie girl...
but even I adored this movie.

Casting was fantastic.
The message was fantastic.

Must-see this holiday season.

Dear Grammar,

No one knows jack about you anymore.

If there's one thing that bugs me when it comes to grammar,
it's this...




Mostly you see incorrect usage in papers,
rarely in newspapers,
and never on TV.


Call me anal. I don't care.
I could not believe my eyes today while I was watching TLC.
On the right hand corner of the screen it said,
"Your watching 'Say Yes to the Dress'"

TLC... really?!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dear 25,

25 Days of Christmas... best ABC Family countdown EVER.

25th of December... best holiday EVER (right next to the 4th of July).

Top 25 BCS Standings 

25 is a great number for many reasons... 
HOWEVER, today it's a great number because it's the amount of 
day left until JD and I are married!  
Love this boy:

So in honor of this great day, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce the fabulous bridesmaids.  I love each one of these people so much and I have been so blessed to have them all throughout my life.  Not many people are as lucky as I am :) 

First: My beautiful sister Lex

She is hilarious!  ...and did I mention smart?!  Yes... Lexi is the genius in the family and also probably one of the kindest people you'll ever meet.  She can be a little uptight sometimes, but it's only because she cares so much about the details.  She is definitely a perfectionist and it works to her advantage FOR SURE.  I love her more than anything and love her even more for how supportive she has always been of JD.  She loves him and he loves her.  It's great :) 

Second: Amelia & Jenni

These two have kind of been there the whole way.  We've been best friends since we were 13 and I could have never imagined to have been blessed with two better friends to share those crazy years with.  They not only made my junior high/high school experience HILARIOUS but they also helped me to understand what it means to be a true friend.  I love these two so much and I feel so lucky that I've been able to have them in my life for so long.

And last, but definitely not least: Rach, Sara Rae, Al Pal, and Dani Deej

How can I even start?   I might get teared up thinking about how much they have put up with my crazy antics and have loved me the whole way through.  They are such incredible examples and friends to me.  I love each and every one of them for a million reasons each... it might be creepy if I kept going.  But let it suffice to say that I have NO idea what it would've been like these last couple years without them there to share the memories with.  

They're all pretty great... 
I'm kind of a REALLY lucky person,
and I will definitely be having the most beautiful bridesmaids EVER.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dear Al Pal,

Happy Birthday to YOU!!

Even though I miss this cheetah being in the mansion with me every day,
I know Sammy will take good care of her for her bday!

Love love love you Al!  

Looking forward to even more memories with this beautiful lady!