Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dear May,

You were good to me. 

I have some pretty great friends.  
Thanks Provo.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dear Swine'ing in style,

8 days until I leave to go home to Ohio.
This gives me approximately 192 hours to find the perfect mask.

Yes.  Cory Eckel is "suggesting" (a.k.a. enforcing) that I wear a "respirator mask" on the airplane on the way home.  He thinks I need to take proper precautions while "I'm sitting 18'' away from 2 people on either side of me, 3 people in front of me, and 3 people behind me who could be from who knows where."  

At first, I laughed in complete shock that he would even suggest something so absurd and ridiculous.  

Moments later after realizing how serious he was about this, my mood went from humorous to embarrassed.  In my head I'm thinking..."Okay... people are going to think I'm a freaking paranoia case."  

After contemplating this idea over the past couple hours, I have decided that I will in fact wear a mask... but not just any mask.  I am going to fight this swine flu with style.   I decided to google swine flu masks to take a look at some of my options.  I had no idea so many people were thinking along the same lines as myself.  

Incredible.  I have so many options!  
Now I just need to make a decision.  
Hmm... which mask would automatically convince 
people of how LEGIT I actually am?  

I think I'm leaning toward either the skeleton or the mustache.


I have only one requirement.  It can't clash with my plastic footies, rubber gloves, and paper shower cap.   

Dear Ms. E,

Some of you may be aware that I took a class this spring term on teaching physical education to elementary students.  I was assigned a first grade class and had to teach them for 3 weeks.  One of the lessons had to be on rhythm and dance.  SO, last night at about 2am I choreographed this little diddy in Danielle's bedroom. 

As you can obviously see from these clips, we took this VERY seriously.  

Dani made sure to bring the camera to class today to catch the kids on tape too.  HAH!

I love the Elementary Education program.  Aren't you jealous you don't get to do this for homework?  

Dear Sexy Lexi,

I use to call Lex, Sexy Lexi when she was a youngster simply because I knew it drove her crazy.
this special little nickname seems to apply now, more than ever.

To be bold, my sister is a BABE.  
The braces being taken off have done her well.  

Congrats Lex.  You are one sexy mama!