Thursday, March 27, 2008

I have jumped on the bandwagon.

That's right... Katie and Jenna got me addicted. Thanks guys. This is as good as I can do... I'll keep practicing.

82 words

Speed test

Monday, March 17, 2008


I have been so stressed this semester of school, always feeling like I have a never ending of list of things to do and that my life is "so hard," and tonight I came across a quote from Elder Hale that I just LOVED and that really put things into perspective & is perfect for the easter season. I know it's long, but I promise it's worth it. Enjoy.

"I am moved by the extent of the tribulation in the Savior’s experience. Even though He was the Only Begotten of the Father, cunning men sought to take His life from the very beginning. Throughout His ministry, a storm of rumors, lies, and persecutions followed Him wherever He went.

I am especially impressed as I consider the week leading to His death: the chief priests challenged His authority, tried to trap Him, and twice conspired to kill Him. In Gethsemane, while His disciples slept, He suffered the sins of all mankind and bled from every pore. He was betrayed, arrested, questioned, struck, spat upon, and beaten. After interrogation by the ruling council, He was mocked by Herod and finally taken to Pilate, where He was made to stand before an angry mob. Whipped and crowned with thorns, He was forced to carry His cross to Golgotha. Nails were driven into His hands and feet. His body was raised up between common thieves. Soldiers cast lots for His earthly possessions, and vinegar was given to quench His thirst. After six hours, He commended His spirit into the hands of His Father, gave up the ghost, and died.

When we observe the last week of the Savior’s life from our earthly perspective, our first impression may be one of suffering and destruction. We may see only the Savior’s mother and others weeping at the cross, soldiers afraid, the earth in great commotion, rocks broken up, the veil of the temple rent in twain, and three hours of darkness covering the land. A similar scene of storms and destruction unfolded in the New World. In short, we see the terrible tempest raging.

But look again—this time through the eye of faith.

In the last, most agonizing weeks of His life, consider that Jesus taught, testified, lifted, blessed, and strengthened those around Him. He raised Lazarus from the dead, taught about His Father, set the temple in order, gave several parables, witnessed the widow offering her mite, instructed His disciples about the signs of His Second Coming, visited the house of Simon the leper, instituted the sacrament, washed the feet of the Apostles, and taught His disciples to love one another. He testified of His divinity as the Son of God and taught of the Comforter—the Holy Ghost. In His great Intercessory Prayer, He prayed to His Father for His Apostles and all who believe on their words, “that they might have [His] joy fulfilled in themselves.”

In His darkest hour, the light of peace and joy did not fade. It grew brighter! After His death, He appeared to Mary Magdalene. What joy must have been felt that morning as the news spread: “He is risen”! In time He came to the women on the road, to Cleopas and a disciple who were traveling to Emmaus, to the Apostles and disciples in the upper room, to Thomas, who doubted, and to others. Again, there was joy and rejoicing in the Atonement and the Resurrection."

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spoon Me...again?

So shortly after I created my post about 'Spoon Me,' Sara and I decided we were craving a little frozen yogurt. Lets see... Provo has FroYo, Maverick...hmm --- scratch that. We drove all the way to Salt Lake last Wednesday to fulfill our cravings. Here ladies and gents, is a nice photo of me with my DELICIOUS frozen yogurt!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

First Preparations for Peru!

One vaccination down, about 8 more to go. WOO! We got our Yellow Fever shot a few weeks ago and lets just say I was a little dramatic about it. I'm not a big fan of shots -- but really, who is? I hadn't had one in ages and so I was pretty nervous. Of course we had to document this excitement and so Dani brought the camera along for the journey. The pictures are above. My personal favorite is of us 3 with the other two guys: a kid about to go on his mission to Africa, and a professor going to Ghana.

Spoon Me!

My latest obsession: frozen yogurt! And not just any frozen yogurt... it's a new cute place in Salt Lake called 'Spoon Me.' It's all natural yogurt that comes in two different flavors: natural and green tea. They have the best toppings ever: mangoes, kiwi, strawberries, mangoes, pomegranate, blueberries, etc. And if fruit isn't your thing, they have any selection of cereals like Fruity Pebbles, Cap'n Crunch or chocolately things like oreos, chocolate chips, etc. And the best part is, it's pretty healthy! The smallest size is only 88 calories (which is fairly large). So ladies and gents, next time you're in Salt Lake, add this to your list of things to do!

...and here's the bad news.

What I didn't tell you about the trip was that we had a minor car problem. And by minor I mean I ended up needing a whole new engine. Fun, right? At about 1am I started getting real tired so we pulled over and Sara and I switched seats so she could finish the trip. We were pretty much exactly 100 miles (which is good because AAA only tows 100 miles...tender mercies) away from Provo in a town called Scipio. Ever heard of it? My point exactly. So anyway, she literally starts the car and pulls out onto the road and the whole car starts shaking and making noises while smoke came puffing out of the engine. That was a really good sign. So we had to push the car back to the side of the road. After waiting for about an hour, AAA came and towed us back to the dealership, and then my lovely home teacher (bless his heart) came and picked us up at 4:30am from Lindon and took us back to Provo. Good news is, the warrenty on my car was extended and we didn't know it. So, Lexus had to pay for a whole new engine. Not having a car for 11 days shot me back to freshman year, but I sure didn't mind now having to pay for a penny of it.

And almost 4 months goes by!

Well I wasn't too concerned about updating this too often because I'm pretty sure the only person that even checks it is Grandpa (thanks Gramps!). BUT, a lot has happened so I might as well give an update before 4 months turns into half a year! Well we've had two long weekends since we got back to school this semester. The first weekend we went to Vegas because I had been here at BYU for a year and a half and still had never gone, and the second weekend we went to California. A few friends and I drove out to California and stayed in La Canada at Ash's house and we also got to stop by Villa Park and see JD's family! They were nice enough to let us stay there and hang out and we had a lot of fun with them! Here are a few pictures from the trip!