Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dear little people,

So today I made myself some lunch and then decided to turn on the TV for a few minutes.

Little People/Big World show came on so I decided to watch it.
Back in high school one of my friends Jenny was OBSESSED with midgets.
(maybe that's not a politically correct term...but I'm not exactly a politically correct person).

Anyhow, as I'm watching they start talking about how a
 good family friend of theirs is visiting for a few days.  
This "good family friend" just happens to be my pal I met on my plane on my way home for thanksgiving my sophomore year of college.  
He was the guy on Pirates of the Caribbean so OF COURSE we had to take a picture.   

I'm not going to lie... I felt very awkward about this picture.
I didn't know if I should stand normal, bend over, or kneel down.
Okay... obviously I knew I shouldn't kneel down (that was simply for a dramatic effect).

He's a short little guy,
but boy was he nice.
And famous.

Hahaha... I burst out laughing when I saw him on TV today 
and immediately dug up this picture purely for blogging purposes. 


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dear Food,

Yep.  That's right.

I talk about food.
I think about food.
I eat food (sometimes inhale).
Occasionally I will even admit, I dream about food.
Why not blog about food?

Am I sounding chubby yet?  

I am just dying to get to Provo for many reasons.
One of them being that no longer will I be eating mass produced food.
No longer will I be picking at chicken soaked in grease 
OR lettuce with shriveled edges that appears to be turning brown.  

EFY supplied me with a lot of great things this summer.
 Food was not one of them.

Food, comida, nourriture, nahrung, cibo, 食べ物...
(however you want to say it)
I am officially in complete control of you & what enters my body.

Sayonara campus cafeteria food.
It's been real.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dear Provo,

I'm ready to be reunited.

These are just a few of the reasons why I'm missing my Provolone:

My friends are kind of AMAZING.
I wouldn't mind having them back after an entire summer of not seeing them.

Love, love, love you guys.