Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dear Dani,

You paint your nails like 3 times a day (seriously).
In no way am I exaggerating. 

I like to think of myself as someone who takes pretty good care of themselves.
HOWEVER, I HATE painting my nails.
Sure I feel great after I've done it... but it's temporary gratification.

As Dani is evidence of, nail polish lasts all of 24 hours before you have to do it all over again because it's cracking off.  I swear.  My roommate has bottles of nail polish all over her room.  In the course of an hour while sitting in her room, it's possible AND likely that she will paint her nails  two different times.  

I love being a girl, but there are some things I will never understand. 

Dear BYU Cougs,

HA!  You really give me a hoot for a couple of reasons.
1. You love school waaayyy too much.
2. If you ever miss any points on tests, 
it's as if the world is crumbling down around you.
3. When you mess up, you have excuses for EVERYTHING!  
...and they're usually ridiculous.

Case in point:
After getting our short answer responses back in our Stats lab, some chickadee in front of me asked our TA why she missed the point (17 out of 18 wasn't good enough).  He gave her some answer in terms I didn't even recognize, and then she pouted her whole way out the door.  As she was walking down the stairs with her amiga, she said these exact words..."Well, that's what I meant... I just didn't say it."  

Hahaha...and that's why you crazy cougs make me laugh.  That's the WORST excuse I've ever heard.  It doesn't even make sense.

Funny stuff, cougs.  Funny stuff.  

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dear read the fine print,

Joke's on me, ladies and gents.  
I am officially a moron.  

Any of my roommates/friends know that I have been slaving for the past 36 hours over my Marriage class papers.  3 5pg. papers?!  Is this some kind of joke!?  
And to add to the stress, I also have to take my exam early tonight since I'm leaving in the morning for California (hard life, I know).  Anyway... I have studied for maybe a total of a 1/2 hour because I spent literally... NO JOKE almost 10 hours on my papers.  

I come into class tonight and turn in all 3 papers.  As I am passing them up to the next person, I notice how light all these papers feel. 
 Hmm.  That's strange.  How could 15 pgs per person feel light?

I look at the girl ahead of me and say, "Um.  Weren't we supposed to write all 3 papers?"
"No... you only had to choose one of the three."  

Ha.  Ha.  Hahahah!

That is all I can do.  Just laugh.  
Laugh at the fact that I am feeling like a complete idiot 
for spending hours on end researching for these papers.  
Laugh at the fact that instead of studying for my test, I spent my time writing ungraded papers
Laugh at the fact that I missed my genealogy workshop in order to finish my final paper.
Laugh, laugh, laugh.


So people... read the fine print.  Lesson learned. 

Dear 'Can I get a Hallelujah?!"

Yes, I checked the mail yesterday.
Yes, I could feel my heart beating in my throat 
when I saw an envelope from the School of Education.
Yes, I savagely tore open the envelope 
(and still am not quite sure where it ended up),
Yes, I literally screamed outside of the mailboxes of my complex.
Yesterday both Dani and I received our letters of acceptance into the McKay School of Education Elementary Ed. Program!  

I am so excited to be a teacher... and now I am one step closer!

I've had a bit of experience with these kiddos in the past:
6th Grade Camp Counselor... and let me just say I will never teach 6th graders. 

Volunteered in an Elementary School.  My AWESOME 4th graders:

Innocent 1st graders: 

Psychotic 2nd graders (this picture does not do justice): 

And sweet kindergarten babies:

You can call me Ms. Eckel.