Monday, September 22, 2008

Dear Blessings,

I have so many of you lately! 

I am so blessed.  Really, I am one lucky lady.  I was looking at pictures from this summer: Peru, EFY, and my time spent with family and friends and I was once again reminded of how great my life is and really, has always been.  Such amazing opportunities seem to fall into my lap quite frequently and I am grateful for the lessons I'm able to learn from each of them.

This is me giddy and gay-faced about how happy life is making me these days:

Life isn't perfect, but it's close enough.  Things are just peachy-keen and I have no complaints. 

So blessings, you're more than welcome to keep pouring down. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dear Spanish Tutor,

I need you badly

As some of you know, I'm going back to Peru in May!  Woo woo!  I'll be doing the same thing, with the same kids, same place, yada yada.  Last summer I went for 10 weeks, but this time I'll only be going for just the month of May because my brother graduates in June so I need to make it back in time for that, and then EFY will start once again.  SO, I will be returning to Cusco, but for a shorter amount of time.  I couldn't be more excited though!  AND, this time I'm much better prepared.  I just found out yesterday that I'll be getting a Spanish tutor.  The professor set everything up...and lucky for me, I already know him!  He is from Lima, Peru and is a freshman this year at BYU.  I met him when we first got to Peru in April.  He is such a doll and I am so excited to finally become fluent!  

(That's just a picture of me and him in Lima my first day in Peru!) 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dear hermanos de Peru.

One of our last days there with the boys :( ...we had them put their hand prints all over our shirts! 

This boy may have been one of the reasons I was supposed to go to Peru. 

They thought the guessing game was so much fun! 

Sweet little Armando.  I have a great video of him singing a song in Catchuwa that is too cute. 

Alberto!  He's a wild child and I love it!

Shoes, shoes, shoes.  They got a little out of control with the paint that day. 

Installing windows in a school... I cut my finger open that day.  I've got the battle wound to prove it! 

Just thought they would show off my non-washed, root infested, hair! 

A city outside of the Amazon.

One of the boys took this picture.  Such good photography skills! 

Mi hermano de Peru.  (My Peruvian brother).


Maxi, Alberto, and I watching movies on my camera

Luis!!  I love this boy! 

Putting the little kiddos to sleep during movie night. 

"Momma, momma!"  

I love my little brothers.

Maxi and I on one of my last days there.  

Taking Floix out for his birthday dinner one night (after I gave him his present).  

We just found out Efrain got adopted by a family in Argentina! 

These boys had me whipped! 

I miss these boys so much and think about them everyday.  I can't wait to go back in May and see them again!  They really did change me for the better and I am so blessed to have had this opportunity.  I thought I was the one going there to serve, but I couldn't have been more wrong.  I learned so much about life, people, and myself from those boys and I cannot thank them enough for the lessons they taught me. to my little Peruvian brothers, I miss you and love each one of you crazy guys! 

Dear family ties,

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my family.  I sure got lucky.  They are absolutely fabulous.  My mom and dad came down last week and it was so much fun being with them!  After Peru, I will never take them for granted again.  I love each one of them and miss them dearly.  

Aust and me!  

The Siblings. 

Dad had to take the he missed this photo :( 

Dad and me at the UCLA vs. BYU game! 

Mom and me in Ohio.

Lexi and I reminiscing over Nancy Drew books... ohh, the days.

Thank goodness families are forever. 

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dear Forever,

...because it has been forever.  And for those of you who are wondering, although I have been slacking on the blogging, I have kept up with journaling and my thankful journal!  Woo!  Lots has happened since July (shocking, eh!) but I'll sum up my time here in Provo these last few weeks with some pictures!  
Rach and me SEARCHING for my EFY Reunion.  Who even knows where Kiwanis Park is, anyway?  Oh wait.  Apparently EVERYONE but us.  So...we made a photo shoot out of it.  

We woke up at the crack of dawn to get AMAZING seats at Regional Stake Conference with Uchtdorf and Packer.  Woot woot.  

Mom took all of us out to dinner at Macaroni Grill while she was here visiting.  Yum!

Me and Rachie...again!  Cousin LOVE.  And lots of it. 

The ladies with Brad (a.k.a. Diva) 

FINALLY!  We have Spoon Me in Provo!  Best thing ever.  

The Cheetahs and Panthers Forever.  

First football game of the season.  3-0 so far!  Go cougs! 

Love my friends.  

...and, life is good.