Monday, October 5, 2009

Dear Old News,

I am terrible at blogging.  
It's official.

Point in case:
Last week in class I was looking at Dani and started cracking up because she had a little chip of nail polish stuck in between her teeth.  You may remember my post about her obsession with painting her nails.  If so, you understand why I was laughing. 

Upon me telling her this, I also said, "Yes!  I now have something to blog about.  This is great!"

She stared at me and said, "You just got engaged... and you're going to blog about ME with nail polish in between my teeth?!"

Good point.  
So folks... the cats out of the bag.
I've been engaged for a little over 2 weeks.

We're getting married December 19th 2009 in the Newport Beach Temple.  
More updates coming soon :) 

Being engaged to your best friend is pretty great.  


Angie Milne said...

finally blog official! i hope all the plans are going well! so excited for you two!

Nielsens said...

ive been waiting for a blog update!!!!!!!!! my goodness.

and ps i have joined the blogging world, you were included in this last post :)

Jon, Karisha, and Ally Browning said...

aww congrats. love the ring!