Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dear Buns,

No...not those kinds of buns.

These ones:

Yesterday at the grocery store, Dani was trying to teach me how to spice up my diet (10 more days people, 10 more days...) because I am absolutely losing my mind!  My food consists of the following:

-Whole wheat bread
-Hearts of Romaine 

At first it was really fun and I was loving my selection.  Then, 5 lbs. and 7 days later I realized there was almost no way I could do this for 10 more days.  

So this is where the buns come into the picture.  Dani and I were grocery shopping and we found this gem... delicious Oroweat Sandwich Thins.  They are SO good!  

Each bun (top and bottom) is:
 -only 100 calories
-100 % Whole wheat 
-5 grams of fiber
-19 grams whole grain
-NO Fructose Corn Syrup
-1 gram of fat & only 2 grams sugar



Dani Stolworthy said...

these are amazing.
love, a fellow witness.

Sydney Marné said...

where did you get them?

Ashley Karena said...


Nielsens said...

sammy and i buy those all the time! they also sell them at costco! (it's cheaper there and they still taste good if you freeze them since it comes with a lot more)